Referenced sites

SPIP offers a complete management system for lists of links to other sites. This system is very comprehensive and notably offers:
-  grouping of these lists in sections (the same sections which contain the articles or specific sections dedicated just for the purpose, in the same way as a links directory);
-  association of a logo with each site;
-  assigning of keywords with each referenced site;
-  addition of a customised description for each site.

Furthermore, and for the sites that permit it, you can automatically fetch the latest articles published on those sites (refer to "Syndicated sites" ).

Referencing a new site

A button labelled "Reference a new site" is shown on every section page in your site to allow you to add a new site.

The "traditional" way is to indicate the site’s name and its URL, then to insert a description. It is also possible to select the section of your site in which this site reference link is to be inserted.

A panel at the bottom of the page allows you to manage any possible syndication of the site’s contents. For more details on this matter refer to the explanation of syndicated sites. For a straightforward reference link, you just select the option "no syndication".

Quick referencing

During the creation of a new site reference, a panel is shown at the top of the page to offer you a quick reference of a site without needing to enter its name or description by hand. To use it, just enter the URL of the page you wish to reference and click on submit. As far as it can, SPIP will access that address and try to automatically fetch the page title and a description. You can modify this information at a later time.

Who can propose sites to be referenced?

In the "Site’s content" configuration page, administrators can specify that either only administrators have the possibility to propose sites, or also the editors, or even also the site visitors (in the last case, a form on the public site will give the visitors the opportunity to propose sites).

In all of these cases, it is still only the administrators who can validate these referencing suggestions. When a site referencing is suggested, all the participants to the private area can discuss the relevance of the suggestion in a forum linked to each site.