Choosing your database

-  You must select the name of the database that was attributed to you by your host. This information is provided to you by your host: if you do not have it, ask him or refer to the online documentation provided by this host (it is no use requesting it from the SPIP development team, we do not have this information).

-  Very often, this information corresponds to the login of your hosting account (the one you use to connect to your site with FTP).

-  First option (more often than not): an accounts list is displayed (sometimes a bit longish, depending on the configuration set by the host). Amongst the accounts listed, only one corresponds to yours, you simply select it then and validate it to go through to the next step.

-  Second option: only one name, corresponding to your account, is displayed (your host has automatically configured its system to only display your account). Easy: select this account and validate.

-  Third option (generally, for a professional account or on a server over which you have extended rights): you must create your own database. In this case (after verifying that such an account does not exist in the above list), you can enter the name of your choice next to the instruction "Create a new database".

-  Last option (failure): your account does not appear in the displayed list, and you cannot create one yourself. This is a rare occurrence: it means that your host created an access for you to the database server, but forgot to create your account. In this case, you should contact your host directly.