Preliminary: Setting up permissions

When you install SPIP files by FTP on your own server, or if you’re using a shared kernel installation of SPIP, some of the data directories may not be created or configured correctly: in such cases, you will need to modify their configurations through your usual FTP or SSH client.

This operation concerns four distinct directories, and SPIP will indicate where they should be located. This may vary depending on whether SPIP is being used in shared kernel mode or not, and also depending on the version of SPIP that you are installing; since SPIP 1.9, these four directories have been called:
-  /IMG
-  /ecrire
-  /ecrire/data

FTP "clients" differ in their specific functions but the procedure is generally the same as detailed below:

-  select the folder for which you want to modify the "permissions";

-  find in your FTP client a feature called "change (or modify or set permissions";

-  if this feature appears as a graphical interface, check the box corresponding to "Write" for the group of "Others" (or "World" or "All users"):

-  If this feature appears in "text" mode, the numeric setting should be "777".

When you have made this modification for each directory indicated by the installation system, you must then reload the page and the procedure will automatically resume.