You can click on the button «Disconnect» to cancel your identification in the private area. When you click on it the login information that you entered to access the private area are «lost» by the system; SPIP will ask you to re-enter this information or to go back to the public site.

The main benefit of this feature is to deny to another person using your machine any access to the private area by taking advantage of your own login information.

-  You are working on your own and you are the only one having access to the computer

In this case, it may seem that disconnecting through this feature is somewhat superfluous. Disconnecting is of course recommended, but there is not much harm if you forget.

-  You access the private area with a multi-user machine (office computer, cyber-café...)

In this case, it is strongly advised that you disconnect systematically through this feature when you finish your work. This will completely deny any access to the private area to any person other than you who is using the same machine.

-  Using several identifiers for the same site

Some users would like to access the private area with more than one identity. In this case, they can use the disconnect feature to exit then connect again under new identifiers.