The administration cookie

Administrators can activate a cookie which triggers the display of additional information during the visit of the public site.

-  Refresh this page

A button labelled «Refresh this page» will appear on all the pages of the public site. Because SPIP integrates a cache system, some modifications may not appear immediately online. (Pages displayed on the public site are not directly pulled out from the database: they are refreshed at regular intervals and stored in the cache.)

By refreshing a page, the administrator instigates the display of the page according to the elements stored in the database, without the need to wait for the next refresh of the cache.

-  Modifying...

The pages of articles, sections and news contain a button labelled «Modify this article» (or «section»...). This button takes you directly from the public site to the page in the private area corresponding to this article (or section...). This button makes it easier then, for the correction of mistakes discovered online, or the update of any element of the site.

-  Number of visits

If the statistical system integrated to SPIP is enabled, the following information is added to the articles pages: number of visits (estimate) and number of different referrers.

Referrers are links to this particular article from outside the site (that is, when a site offers a direct link to this article, or when this article’s address was passed by e-mail).

-  Connection identifier

The administration cookie also enables SPIP to recognise your browser when you connect again: you then just have to enter your password to be able to get access to the private area.

(PS: if the connection is cookie dependant - it is the most common situation -, this cookie is placed in the private area as soon as you reach it.)