Syndicated articles

When you request a site syndication, SPIP displays a list of the latest articles published on that site, under the label "Syndicated articles pulled out from this site".

For each article, SPIP displays:
-  the article’s title (you just click on this title to access the article on its original site);
-  the article’s authors, should there be any;
-  the article’s description, should there be one.

This information, pulled automatically from the referenced site, cannot be modified.

Furthermore, for each article, a button labelled "block this link" allows you to block its display on your own site (because the article does not suit you or there is an error disabling this link...). You can restore the display of this article on your site at any time.

It is also possible to request that each future link coming from the site should be blocked pre-emptively. The articles pulled out will not be displayed unless you validate each one of them "manually".