In order to provide alternative navigation within a site, it is possible to assign Keywords to articles, news, and referenced sites. This allows the site visitor to not only browse the site content from section to section, but also from one article dealing with a topic (indicated by a keyword) to another article associated with that same keyword.

For any given article, news item or site, it is possible to specify as many keywords as are needed.

A drop-down menu lists all the keywords of the site, and is very simple to use. Note: if the number of keywords exceeds 50, this drop-down menu is replaced by a mini search facility: just enter the desired keyword and click on "Search".

P.S. Only the administrators can create keywords from within the page dedicated to their management (the "Keywords" button from the top navigation bar option "Site edit").

Administrators can disable the use of keywords for the whole site on ’the site’s content’ configuration section.