When an administrator or an editor creates an article, he is considered automatically to be the author of the article. In several cases the authors should be changed (i.e. when a third party story is added to the site, when a story shouldn’t be signed, or when it is edited by several users...)

-  Adding an author

A drop-down menu showing the list of all the site editors allows selecting and adding a new author.

If more than 50 editors contribute to the site, it becomes awkward to display them in a drop-down menu (it slows the loading dramatically); in this case, the drop-down menu is replaced by a search box: you enter the name of the author you wish to add and click on "search". If the search returns more than one author, the system will let you select the one you want.

-  Removing an author

Next to each author of the article, the link "Remove this author" allows you to simply remove this author.

It is only as the author of this particular article that the editor is removed; he obviously remains present in the list of the site editors.

-  Replacing an author by another

This can be achieved in two steps: simply add the new author and remove the first one (see above).

-  It must be stressed finally that the administrators have more power over this authors list than the editors. Particularly, the editors cannot remove themselves from an article. If an editor wishes to publish an anonymous article (without author), he must ask an administrator to perform that operation.